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Non-economic damages, commonly known as pain and suffering damages are recoverable by loved ones for the loss of the relationship and companionship that they would have had with the decedent had the death not occurred. These damages can obviously be extremely significant. Florida law provides for recovery by defined family members. The devastating effect of the loss of a husband, wife, father, or child is often difficult and painful to express. Our lawyers understand how to educate and inform a jury as to the full extent of these losses. We often utilize expert witnesses to assist in this process. Our experienced lawyers will guide the family through this process and will use its best efforts to assist the jury in awarding full compensation to the family.
The cases of Wrongful Death

Representing a family who has lost a loved one is a solemn responsibility that we take very seriously. We strive to provide the affected loved ones with the emotional support and kindness that they deserve.

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